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Interactive Notebook: Life Cycle of a Chicken

Remember the life cycle of a chicken through this fun interactive notebook activity!


  • Notebook

  • Glue

  • Markers

  • Blank Piece of Paper

  • Scissors

  • Stapler (optional)



1. Open your notebook to a new spread. To create a pocket, fold the top corner of each page (recto and verso) in towards the spine/coil of the notebook, stopping about an inch from the centre. They should look like big dog ears. When the pages/notebook are flipped closed, the folded down corners should line up.

2. Glue the folded corner down, then glue along the border of both pages, leaving the diagonal fold glue free, as this will be the pocket’s opening.

3. Press the two pages together, so the glue sticks them to one another, creating the pocket. This is where you can choose to use staples to secure the edges extra well.

4. On a blank piece of paper, draw and colour icons to represent the life cycle of a chicken, then cut them out. Include: egg, barn, chick, chicken, processing, grocery store, and chicken dinner.

5. Create labels to go along with each stage, then cut them out. A cheat sheet with the correct order of the life cycle stages can also be created.

6. Flip the notebook to the next blank page and use a marker to map out empty squares and arrows that will take you through the flow of the chicken life cycle.

7. The pictures and labels can be stored in the pocket that was created and then when you want to review the stages of the life cycle, you can take them out and place them on the flow chart in the order they should be in. If you forget, don’t worry, just refer to your cheat sheet!


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