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The Story of 

Sugar Beets

We love sweet snacks! But, did you know that much of Canada's sugar comes from sugar beets?

Follow along to find out how sugar beets become sweet treats!


  • The process of sugar beets

  • Recipes

  • Fun facts

  • Learning activities

  • Games

  • Jokes

  • And more....

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Did you know that sugar beets are usually one of the first crops that are planted in the early spring? In this issue of The Story of Food we will learn about the growth of sugar beets, and how they bring sweetness from the ground to the table.

Here in Alberta, Taber homes the only sugar refinery in all of Canada. The process of producing sugar is truly a labour of love. From growing, the process of photosynthesis, to harvesting and extracting the sugar! From here we will also learn about the benefits of sugar (in proportion), and how it gives us the energy to take on each day. Learn more about sugar beets by downloading our publication and watching the video below!

Fun Facts Video

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