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Braided Garden Wreath

Updated: Jun 7

There are many things right in your own yard or garden that can become something beautiful and decorative! These wreaths can be hung anywhere; on walls, doors or door knobs or even in a window.


  • Long Stemmed Grasses, Grains, Flowers, Herbs; approximately 3cm or 1 ¼” Bundle

  • Few Twist Ties or Floral Wire

  • Pruning Shears and Pliers/ Wire Cutters

  • Small Amount of Ribbon, Raffia or Decorative Cord

  • Optional, Extra Flowers, Seed Pods or Heads for Decoration


  • Remove any broad, dead or dried leaves from each stalk.

  • Arrange bundle with the flowers, seed pods and heads together.

  • Tie bundle together tightly with a twist tie or short piece of wire.

  • Separate bundle into 3 equal sections.

  • Starting tight to the top, braid the stalks. Keep the braid nice and tight just like you would if you were braiding hair. Continue braiding right to the end.

  • Secure with another twist tie or wire.

  • Trim or pull off any leaves or stems that are sticking out.

  • With pruning shears, trim the ends all the same length about 2cm or 1” from the wire.

  • While braid is still bendable, form into a circle or any shape and join with another wire.

  • Use the ribbon or raffia to cover up the wire and tie a nice bow.

For a fancier look, add a few extra flowers or grain heads by poking them into the braid.



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