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Inside a CubicFarm System—Indoor Hydroponic Farming Technology

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

CubicFarms’ Alberta Grow Centre in Busby, Alberta is run by local farmers David and Alyssa Pfaeffli, providing research and development on indoor farming that is shared worldwide. By converting shipping containers into growing modules, this technology uses less land, water, and labour, providing plants, such as lettuce, microgreens, and herbs, with an outdoor growing experience, indoors. The family’s fourteen growing modules rotate hundreds of trays every 90 minutes, hydroponically growing as much lettuce as it would take an entire football field of soil to grow. This fresh, local produce is available even in the winter, providing healthy food to Albertans year-round.

To learn more about CubicFarms and the Pfaeffli family, watch our interview with Alyssa here.

This has been a Home Grown segment, brought to you by connectFirst Credit Union, showcasing Alberta producers, artisans, and farming communities.


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