Edible Gardens Photo Contest

What's growing in your garden?

We want to see what edible plants you are growing in your garden! Whether your garden is large or you are simply growing some fruits and veggies on your balcony, we want to see what you are growing!

Send in your photo for a chance to have it published in CalHort Yyc 2021 calendar!

Here are some photo tips for taking pictures of your garden:

1. Good lighting is a must. Taking photos of plants surrounded by lots of bushes and tall trees can lead to dark, grey-green light. Make sure there is lots of natural light.

2. Frame your subject. Good photos usually have a main subject that is at the centre of the photo. Try using lights and shadows to frame the subject (plant).

3. Make sure the subject is in focus. Sometimes holding a camera by hand can lead to shaky photos. You may want to sit the camera on a nearby flat surface or use a camera stand. If you are using your phone. The portrait mode on the iPhone allows you to blur the background which allows the subject to stand out in clearer focus.

4. Play around with the colour and contrast to enhance the image and catch the eye!

5. Have fun and be creative. Some of the best photography happens when you least expect it. Go out there and have some fun!!!


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