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Horsing Around!

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

The horse has existed for millions of years and has played an important part in the progress of the human race. When man learned to ride, he was transformed into a powerful being, able to see farther, move faster, and cover longer distances more easily. At one time horses were essential to farm and ranch work., with many farms and ranches still using horses today.

There is a long history of horses, however modern breeds have developed using selective breeding to enhance desirable characteristics and they can be classified as either hot, warm, or coldblood. This classification has nothing to do with the actual temperature of the blood, but refers to ancestry and temperament. Hotbloods, are active, fast, high-spirited horses, with a purity of breeding such as Arab. Coldbloods are the heavy horses of Northern Europe, which are more placid and slow moving. Warmbloods are horses that combine hot and cold blood in various percentages.

Horse breeds can be divided into Pony, Light Horse, and Heavy Horse. Ponies are generally smaller than horses. Light horse is a particular broad term that covers horses that are suitable to ride. The heavy horse is large, well-built and heavily muscled and the legs often have heavy feathering of hair around the fetlock. They are ideal for plowing, draft, and carriage driving – although some breeds are also ridden.

Follow our page over the coming months as we explore the various types of breeds.

Source: A Pocket Guide To Horses & Ponies


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