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Paint an Egg Like a Bee!

Updated: Apr 9

Turn an egg into a bee with this simple craft!


-Egg (Can be raw or hardboiled. Hardboiled may be easier to handle for young children but keep in mind painted eggs are not safe to eat. If you want an alternative to a real egg to display, try using a plastic Easter egg.)

-Yellow and black paint

-White construction paper

-Black marker



-Paint brushes


1. Paint the egg yellow. Let dry.

2. Paint black stripes onto the egg. If this is too difficult for younger children, black stripes can also be drawn on with markers. Let dry.

3. Draw wings onto construction paper. Cut them out and glue them onto the bee. Let glue dry.

4. Using a black marker, draw a face on the bee.

Enjoy your bee friend! Remember, painted eggs are not safe to eat!


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