Ag for Life, in collaboration with our partners, is proud to introduce The Sustainable Development Challenge, with a focus on "Food Extremes".  This challenge connects two key sustainability issues outlined in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's), namely, Food Loss and Waste and Food Insecurity.  

Youth bring passion, creativity, energy and innovation to implement real change and shape our future.  The challenge is designed to educate and engage students with the SDG's and provide opportunities to pioneer innovative solutions that address some of the world's biggest challenges related to agriculture, food production and sustainability.  

The program is built around two focus areas:

Sustainability & SDG knowledge building

The Challenge:

In collaborative teams, students are invited to submit a proposal project that relates to the annual challenge question.  Working in teams of up to four, students will research their topic, engage in collaborative problem- solving and draft a proposal containing one solution.  The challenge provides opportunities for students to engage in integrative, inquiry-based education and will be given the tools to problem solve and innovate realistic solutions.

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