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What does a career in agriculture look like?

Careers in agriculture and food are incredibly diverse. The agriculture industry offers a wide range of career options within science, communications, technology, farming and so much more!


The agriculture and food sector is at the leading edge of research and innovation to address global challenges. There are endless opportunities which will allow you to make a difference by feeding the growing population, protecting the environment, caring for animals or helping people. Explore the different fields below to learn more!

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1 in 8 jobs in Canada are in the agri-food sector!

The Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council (CAHRC) predicts 50,000 agriculture and food jobs will have to be filled in the next few years.




A career in agribusiness includes any job that is required to send goods to market, particularly production, processing and distribution. This can include careers such as an agriculture lawyer, farm business manager, government adviser, food production sales representative and more.



Mechanics in agriculture are responsible for a wide range of skilled jobs. This field consists of diagnosing issues with machinery, finding solutions for the diagnosed issues and repairs. Possible careers include: precision agriculture specialist, assembly mechanic, electrician, service writer and more.


Combining the knowledge of engineering and biological science, an engineer in agriculture aims to improve sustainable agriculture production. This could be the design of machinery, software engineering, environmental engineering and many other careers that help to improve agricultural processes.



Those interested in telling the story of agriculture to consumers, legislators and key stakeholders might consider a career in agriculture communications. An individual working in the communications sector will use creativity, research as well as storytelling to advocate for the business. Possible career paths could include account manager, brand manager, public relations representative and much more.

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Agriculture marketing is used to promote various agricultural products and services from farmers to consumers. Careers can include content creators, graphic designers, market research analysts and many more.



If you are methodical, detail-oriented and enjoy working with numbers, you might want to consider a career in agricultural economics. Someone working in agricultural economics might have a job title such as crop insurance agent, policy analyst, consultant and others. 


As an agronomist you will be an expert in crops and the soils needed for optimal crop yields. A career in agronomy applies technology, biology, chemistry, soil science and pest management to improve and manage crops. Careers in agricultural agronomy can include soil scientist, weed scientist, lab technician and many more.



This multi-disciplinary field involves biochemistry, nutrition, engineering and much more to give a specialist in this field the knowledge and skills to solve real world problems associated with the different facets of the food system. Careers in this field consist of quality assurance specialist, food chemist, product researcher, food safety expert, etc.



If you love working with animals and want to focus on understanding the issues involved in the management and production of livestock, a career in animal sciences might be for you. These careers include livestock feedlot operator, veterinarian, animal geneticist, livestock procurement and more.



 If you are someone that enjoys working outdoors with animals, plants, tools or machines, you might consider a career in farming or ranching. Farmers and ranchers raise crops and livestock to feed the world. If this appeals to you, you might consider a career in urban farming, cattle ranching, aquaculture, grain farming and much more.