Whether growing vegetables, fruits, or a variety of herbs, edible gardens are a valuable tool that can be used to promote healthier eating habits, showcase food production and farming practices, teach environmental stewardship, encourage community and social development, and even instill a sense of place. Plus, it's a lot of fun.

Ag for Life offer's a variety of edible gardening workshops, classes, resources and special events all designed to bring out your inner farmer!​


Junior Garden Club

Inspired to grow! Little farmers and foodies get hands-on growing their own edible garden and learning first-hand what it takes to grow farm fresh food.

Organic Home Garden


Parents and their children, adults and teens can discover their inner foodie and farmer at our edible gardening workshops.

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How-To Guides

A selection of how-to guides curated for the beginner grower to the master gardener.


Garden-based agriculture and nutrition education can motivate school children to eat healthier and garner a greater understanding of food production. The process of planting their own seeds, watching them grow into plants, preparing the grown food, and eventually eating it can give students a new and sustainable perspective on healthy eating habits.

For More Information

Contact Stephanie Koshka if you have any questions about our Edible Garden programs. 

Stephanie Koshka

Program Coordinator


Program Update

Due to COVID-19, we have postponed all in-person classes until further notice. Sign up for our newsletter to stay in touch and receive programming updates.