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Earth Day Activities and Learning

Earth Day is April 22! Explore a variety of activities, experiments, videos and educational publications perfect for students of all ages, from elementary to high school!

Get hands-on with fun projects like creating art from recycled materials, composting or ending food waste activities. Dive into discussions about climate change, sustainability and the SDG's. Let's celebrate Earth Day by learning, creating and making a positive impact on our planet together!

Activities all ages:

Earth Day Compost Experiment:

Earth Day Seed Bombs:

Elementary Students:

End Food Waste Activity Book:

Elementary Students:

Secrets of Soil - The Epic Adventure Beneath our Feet

This soil lesson plan is designed to ignite grade 5 and 7 science students' curiosity and cultivate a deeper understanding of the vital role soil plays in agriculture and the environment.

Click HERE to view the lesson plan.

Junior High/High School:

Sustainability Magazine:

Food Loss and Waste Magazine:

SDGs Magazine:

Agriculture and the Environment

Discover our Agriculture and the Environment Lesson Plans, crafted specifically for middle school students to explore the intricate connections between agriculture and the environment. These engaging resources dive into vital topics such as water conservation, air quality, biodiversity, soil health and sustainability in a manner that seamlessly aligns with school curriculums.


Spark meaningful discussions and cultivate a deeper understanding of how our actions impact the world around us. Download our student-friendly lesson plans today to enrich your classroom experience and and challenge your students to think critically about agriculture and the environment. 

Click HERE to view our Environment Lab – the lesson plans can be found at the bottom of the page.

Junior High/High School:

How Viable is Biofuel? :

Reducing Greenhouse Gases in the Cattle Industry:

Junior High/High School:

Career Profiles: Environmental Scientist Video:

ReFed Video:

The Leftover Foundation Video:

Additional blog posts for Earth Day learning!

Reducing Greenhouse Gases in the Cattle Industry Blog:

Silvopasture Blog:

Cover Crops and Climate Change Blog:

What is No-Till Farming Blog:

Keep the learning going by visiting Agriculture in the Classroom Canada's National Resource Library. Get unlimited access to hundreds of FREE educational resources and activities from across Canada! 



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