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Seven Farm-Fun Spring Activities for Kids!

Spring is here, which means it's time to get outside, get your hands dirty, and get crafty! These seven farm themed-activities will help you celebrate spring in style.

1.Dye eggs with vegetable scraps.

We all know that colourful vegetables are great for our health, but did you know they’re also great for arts and crafts? In this activity, learn how to turn your vegetable scraps into dyes, perfect for colouring eggs or experimenting with on clothing!

2.Make seed paper.

Whether you're making cards for Mother’s Day, graduation, or just because, why not make them out of seed paper? Seed paper can be planted after its used, and grow into beautiful flowers! Learn how to make your very own seed paper with this simple activity.

Bonus: Instead of flat paper, try making Earth-themed seed bombs for Earth Day on April 20!

3.Make your own wormery.

Along with warm weather, clear skies, and rainy days, spring brings mud, and mud means worms. In this activity, you’ll learn how important worms are to soil health. Watch as they much and crunch their way through different layers of soil, mixing it up as they go.

4.Make colourful chicks in hats.

Many baby animals enter the world during spring time, including chicks! This craft uses yarn to create adorably fashionable chicks.

5.Sprout a bean.

Farmers are out in the field seeding their crops during the spring. But how do plants sprout from seeds? This experiment lets you watch a sprout emerge from a bean.

6.Make your own eggshell chalk.

Snow has melted, and sidewalks are ready to be decorated with chalk! Make your very own chalk using eggshells. Bonus points if you use the chalk to draw chickens and eggs!

7.Grow an eggshell windowsill herb garden.

If you just can’t get enough of gardening, this craft is a great way to keep the growing going. Using eggshells is a great way to keep your herbs contained. Plus, you can draw adorable faces on the eggs to create your own wild-haired window pals.

If you try any of these crafts, we'd love to see them! Send pictures to us over social media, or at Happy spring!


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