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Agriculture in the Classroom is an established source of agriculture education, providing a national voice for agriculture education in Canada. In 2019 Ag for Life was named the sole delivery agent for Ag in the Classroom Alberta. Ag for Life is thrilled to be the provider of Ag in the Classroom in Alberta. Agriculture in the Classroom Canada allows young people throughout the country to have an immersive education experience all about Canada and Alberta’s, food story. Ag in the Classroom provides a multitude of curriculum-linked programs, resources, and initiatives all focused on agriculture. 


Ag for Life is dedicated to building a greater understanding and appreciation of agriculture and its fundamental connection to life. We accomplish this mission  trough the delivery of educational programming and public awareness initiatives. Through a variety of special initiatives and challenges, we hope to champion and address many of today’s public trust issues concerning food production and origin. Below are some of the programs and challenges we are currently offering.  Please email us to learn more!


Nourishing Minds is a scalable, online or in-class program focusing on a wide variety of topics in agriculture, for grades 9-10 students across Alberta. This program encourages students to think critically about agriculture and the role it plays in their lives.


Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month (CALM) is celebrated every year in March and encourages individuals to learn Canada’s amazing agriculture and food story. Click below for a list of this year's initiatives and challenges and how you can participate! 


The G3 Grow Beyond Scholarship is our way of helping students recognize and reach their full potential- whichever path that may be.


We are calling on students from grades 7 to 12 to be part of an exciting new project. Students will identify a topic of interest and take on the role of an investigative reporter.  They will consult with agriculture experts, gather information and craft a compelling story about agriculture in the 21st century. Winning reports will be have the chance to be published in popular print media and shared on our website.


Students will collaborate to research a topic, engage in problem-solving processes and draft a proposal detailing a solution to the problem. 

gen AG

genAG is a unique career exploration program for high school students. In groups, students will compete in provincial marketing competitions for a chance to win prizes and be profiled online.


Understanding modern agriculture and the role it plays in the world is more essential than ever. Journey 2050 is a FREE sustainable agriculture education program that allows schools to experience agriculture like it has never been taught before.


CAP is about creating a broader understanding of the food we eat and where it comes  from. Students start to understand the value and importance of agriculture in Alberta, the vast opportunities, and the people and producers that drive this industry. 


The agriculture industry is constantly expanding and evolving, offering a variety of exciting careers in a number of disciplines. This exciting growth offers professionals from all sorts of backgrounds an opportunity to embark on rewarding career paths. Check out what career opportunities are available for you.